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"Rebuilding a legacy."

Brig Cabe, a civil rights activist came to our home in the Summer of 1965. He was such a warm and loving individual, at night he would tuck me into bed and he would give my cousin and neighbor "buggy back" rides to the Freedom School each morning. He came to visit us later, but my mother had passed away. I learned recently that he had passed and it sadden me to not have the chance to express my appreciation to him for his kindness and example of a real man. Pictured here with my grandfather and grandmother.

His obituary http://www.fairfaxmemorialfuneralhome.com/obituary/Brigido-Cabe/Burk-VA/1462003

While in Crawfordville he was attacked by a Klansman and arrested: Newspaper clipping attached

Frank Bates (1948-2017) was selected by Calvin Turner to be the 1965 student leader. He helped me tremendously in my research with the Springfield Community involvement during this era.