Springfield Community Center, Inc.


"Rebuilding a legacy."

Pier system needs a general overhaul, with each pier assessed individually. Many need replacing, and footings and flashing installed to help prevent return rising damp. A drainage swale would redirect water from the northeast corner out to the low are at the north end of the building. The failure of the piers has led to undulation of the flooring especially in the northeast corner of the building in rooms 103 and 104. We suggest raising the building to a consistent plane in order to balance the building and restore the piers.

Beams and joist that show of deterioration and moisture damage should be replaced. A majority of the floor system is sound; however, the areas in room 101a and the central hallway need to be completely replaced as they have severely deteriorated to the point where they are unusable. Once the building has been leveled many of the flooring issues will be more clear.

The outside steps are in a usable condition but due to large cracking and separation from the building repairs are needed before they can be used for public access. Alternatives to concrete include exposing the stones and stabilizing them as steps or laying granite slabs for steps, but a compromise between long-lasting stairs and a historic form will be necessary.