Springfield Community Center, Inc.


"Rebuilding a legacy."


The first 6 feet of the log wall of almost every elevation should be replaced, but they first should be inspected by a professional since it is unclear to what extent the exterior log wall interacts with the interior stud wall. Because of the unclear interaction between the two structural systems the performance has to be monitored during the replacement of the failed logs. The upper logs have to be kept in place by adequate propping up or jacking. If the logs are structural their replacement is necessary to prevent more failures like that of the northeast corner of room 103. Consider partial replacement where possible.

All the vegetation within the cavity, including dead plant material, of the walls has to be removed in order to avoid further damage. Regular inspections should protect against repeated invasion by vegetation. It is not recommended to paint or otherwise treat the wall from the outside.

Although the old window sashes are still available it does not seem feasible nor desirable to re install them because they would not fit into the existing wall openings. Costly alterations would be necessary. The old windows are currently stored under the building id it is recommended that they stay there to protect them from further damage in case of possible installation in years to come. the majority of the existing windows need just some minor repairs but the failure of the northeastern wall on room 103 led to several of the windows being broken and they would need to be replaced. 


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