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"Rebuilding a legacy."

The video is courtesy of Wiley Jones, Bill Dozier and the Taliaferro County Historical Society. It depicts citizens of Taliaferro County in 1940 and 1955. The letter is from Marva Hackney a student of the Log Cabin School. 

I am enclosing several reflections that I can recall regarding attending Springfield Log Cabin School.

I am the youngest of eight siblings who attended the school. I stared to school at a very young age, probably about five. The classrooms were large and several grade levels were taught by one teacher.

One of my first memories were a teacher named Mrs. Ellington, a very competent and skilled instructor that laid the foundation for learning. Grouping of students for specific tasks was done and I recall helping as an assistant with calling spelling words.

The school had a very large hall for plays and other school activities. We all experienced having roles in plays, identifying with characters and leaning speaking roles. These experiences helped to develop ability to speak in public and recall information over time.

My older sisters were involved in cooking classes and other tasks related to Home Economics. There was a full section devoted to these opportunities.

Basketball was a sport that the boys enjoyed and were very skilled players.

The Log Cabin School experiences is one that I will always cherish for helping me in my educational endeavors.