Springfield Community Center, Inc.


"Rebuilding a legacy."


        The Springfield Board of Trustees with the Georgia Trust delegates assigned to assist with resources, etc. as winners of the 2019 Places in Perils award. from left to right:

Aaron Bowman, Sr., Ben Sutton, Merolyn McGadney, George Atkinson, Wyleena Harris, Terry Howard, Dennis Lovello, Michael Bowman, Sr., Danielle Meunier, George Turner, Sr., (not pictured)

 June 14th, 2021 Ethos preservation, and SCC, Inc. Visioning Session objectives: 

  • Rehabilitate the building
  • Preserve as much historic material as possible
  • create a community and events center for rent
  • Museum and archives for African-American history
  • Tell the layered story of the building
  • Execute interpretive plan
  • Partner with schools-trades
  • Establish financially sustainable end-use
  • Establish long term plan for growth